Awareness Coaching


Values, motives and fundamental sources of power all form the personality structure of a human being. Personal thought and behaviour are shaped in connection with all the experiences we go through.
In an “un-conscious” way they form the foundation of our inner beliefs and guidelines from which our daily actions and decisions are driven, the effects of which are reflected in our own personal well-being and our dealings with other people.
In our lives we encounter on a daily basis people with different personality structures and beliefs. This can often lead to misunderstandings and failures, at both corporate  (between management and employees) and individual levels. As a result, conflict-prone relationships and a lack of efficient decisions can arise. Communication is often a crucial factor in such cases.
How can db.coaching support you?
Being aware of the structure of one’s own personality promotes individual understanding and a resulting transparency of people’s diversity. Furthermore, co-operative communication is supported by this and increased long-term professional and personal success can thus be secured.
Awareness Coaching recognizes the basic structures behind the diversity of topics at hand. You learn to understand complex contexts and reach a new level of understanding of when and how to make “conscious” decisions.